Number of sales is one thing, however,
our focus is the highest price we get you
for your property

Barbara G.

I would add another star to the rating based on my experience! My husband and I can’t say enough about this realtor, William Durfee, along with his amazing team! We recently listed & sold our Marina del Rey apartment. We were given straight forward facts about how the marketing, the value & list price, the repairs, how the staging and process would go. We were told what to expect with regard to the market climate and how long to expect a possible sale. It was a matter of faith & trust we placed in Mr. Durfee and his experience & confidence did not fail us. He exceeded our expectations. From start to finish, we were guided by his assistant, Mirela, who sent many DocuSign papers which enabled us to simply sign official papers from our iPhones & computers making it a breeze. We had some papers to notarize, but the experience could not have been easier through the electronic process. Mirela was always there to answer questions over the phone so we were never left out of contact with a real person. The escrow agent, Desiree, was lined up for us as well. Her team was exceptional too. These folks really know what they are doing. Don’t just take my word for it. Give them a try. It’s the easiest decision you’ll make while selling your home.