Number of sales is one thing, however,
our focus is the highest price we get you
for your property


Sold a Condo for $3.430,000 in Marina del Rey, CA. I needed to sell the Condo as Trustee for my uncle’s estate and I don’t live in CA. So I needed a realtor to take care of everything for me, once I emptied the apartment. William did that and more. He knew the building, including the repair people and manager. He made all of the arrangements to get the Condo ready for sale and found a buyer within a week of posting the listing. He helped me through the negotiations with the buyer and kept me informed during the process. He was always exceptionally prompt, helpful and professional. He was also incredibly knowledgeable about the unit and the building. He listed the Condo at a higher price than was suggested by other realtors, assuring me he could get top dollar for this property, and he came through. It was a great pleasure working with William and I give him my highest recommendation.