Number of sales is one thing, however,
our focus is the highest price we get you
for your property


William is very professional, prompt, organized and, most of all, he goes the extra mile to make sure his clients are comfortable and at ease with the process. He keeps the process simple and realistic from the beginning. He gave me an honest assessment of the real estate market and a likely timeframe for when to expect to have my condo rented. That helped remove any unrealistic expectations and make it much easier to deal with. Since I was out of town for the entire process, William was also great to deal with as he was very flexible in his schedule in order to be available to all the prospective tenants. Added to that was his in-depth knowledge of the building and all it had to offer. Most of all, he was great at helping me negotiate the rental terms in a way that worked for both parties, creating a win-win situation. My compliments extend to his support team as well, especially Mirela, who has been kind enough to make sure she is available for any help that we need even after the transaction was completed.